A Journey in France – Multi-Topic Quiz #1

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I hope you will follow us in our journey through France, its culture and its language.

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#1. This famous French actress was the sex symbol of the 60s. What's her name?

Born in 1934, Brigitte Bardot was both an actress and a singer. She ended her career before she turned 40. She lives in St Tropez in the southern France, in property called “La Madrague” that Brigitte bought in the early 60s. This put the little city of St Tropez on the world map!

#2. Due to its shape, France is often referred to as:

#3. Select the flag of France

  1. Netherlands
  2. France
  3. Thailand
  4. Russia

#4. This traditional French dish is made with beef cubes cooked in red wine with mushrooms, onions, and lardons ? Select the right answer

This dish is made with Burgundy wine (vin de Bourgogne), hence the name “Bourguignon”. Note that Burgungy is a French region located south-east of Paris. Its “préfecture” (administrative center) is the city of Dijon (also famous for its mustard).

#5. What is the largest French city after Paris?

Marseille (or Marseilles in English) has a population of 870,000 and is the prefecture of the PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) region.

#6. How many times did the French national soccer team win the World Cup?

The French national team won the title in 1998 and 2018.

#7. Can you identify this famous monument?

The construction of Notre Dame started in 1163. It took 185 years to complete! In April 2019, a fire almost destroyed the cathedral. Damage was extensive and the cause of the fire (arson or accident) has yet to be determined. Renovation is supposed to be achieved by April 2024.

#8. The "Michelin Man" is known in France as the _______

The Michelin Bibendum takes its name from a phrase by Horace, “Nunc est bibendum” which means “It is now that you have to drink”. The company’s slogan at the time was “The Michelin tyre drinks the obstacle!”.

#9. Who is this French scientist known as the "Father of Bacteriology and Microbiology"

Born in France in 1822, Pasteur made major contributions to science, technology, and medicine. Among other, he He originated the process of pasteurization, and developed vaccines against anthrax and rabies.

#10. Dicovered in 1940, this cave houses some of the most famous examples of prehistoric cave paintings (close to 600 paintings)

Also known as “Grotte de Lascaux” (grotte means cave in French).




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